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Below options and descriptions used on the cast.

Primary win condition

  • Scenario – Mainly forces a scenario win without the need to kill all enemy models.
  • Assassination – Ability to bypass enemy defences for early caster kill
  • Attrition – Focuses on destroying enemy army and wins via scenario/assassination by opportunity
  • Hybrid – Broad enough to win on any condition as required.

Primary Loss condition

  • Scenario – Can be forced out of scenario and lose early
  • Assassination – Tends to either have poor stats or be required to push up and dies.
  • Attrition – No defensive Tech/typical army trades poorly and no force mulitpliers.

Personal Involvement

  • Force Multiplier– Tends to stand just in the kill box and assists force through buffs/Feat to improve army output.
  • Ranged Assassin – Likely chips away at enemy force looking for opportunity to kill enemy caster
  • Melee Bruiser – Strong melee ability and able to trade up against enemy or melee assassinate
  • Defensive Anchor – Defensive abilities allow a more aggressive stance for caster and army.
  • Spell Slinger – Increased use of arc nodes to aggressively de buff/attack enemy.
  • Hybrid – Highly flexible caster and spell list and can cover most other categories.


Feat Type with Grade (A-D)

  • Offensive – Used to increase output/threat of army to provide force multiplier/alpha strike.
  • Defensive – Used to reduce output of enemy output.
  • Control – Used to restrict/disable opponent without harming them.
  • Hybrid – Combination of at least 2 categories.

Key Spells /Abilities with Grade (A-D)

  • Offensive Army Buffs – Offensive spells to force multiply output.
  • Defensive Army Buffs – Defensive spells to reduce enemy output.
  • Board control – Spells to change/restrict opponent through use of the board (clouds etc)
  • Speed/Threat Projection – Increase force speed and threat ranges to gain alpha strikes
  • Scenario – spells to move/push opponents out of zones to assist with scenario.
  • Toolbox – Spell list contains all types of spells with good enough use to any situation.

Ratings ignore basic nukes and factor in the ability to use the spells on a turn by turn bases and accuracy.

Army Focus

  • Inf Horde – Normally large numbers of cheap troops and only BG amount of Beasts/Jacks
  • Elite Inf – Normally lower volume of elite troops and only BG amount of Beasts/Jacks
  • Beast Brick – Majority of force Beasts/Jack with support/Utility troops
  • Balanced – Reasonably balanced force with a mix of many differents types of troops.

Current Favourite Theme

  • Current favourite theme list.

Faction Ranking

  • Faction Defining – Powerful caster that will normally be seen in every pairing.
  • First Team – Good caster with broad applications and combinations of them seen across most pairings.
  • Bench – Niche caster with specific skillset/silver bullet and normally seen for a specific meta
  • Snowflake – Normally outclassed by most other casters in faction and only played for personal flavour.


  • High/Medium/Low – How easy to learn and how much powerful can they become.
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