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The Firm – TO, organisation and events

These guys are here to coordinate the event and make sure the national Super Series Final is a highlight of the event calendar. They are all helping to coordinate a region locally and setup the final next year. They have been pretty busy so are still working on cool nick names. For now they are…


Toby Nathan – Toby has been in the WMH community for years. He’s represented England at the WTC, run the London Super Series and now is part of the team pulling the UKISS together.

Chris Young – Chris is well versed in the WMH community – being a Press Ganger, TO and WTC committee member, Chris is a veteran of the WMH community. The voice of reason in the group (and madness at the table – he is a snowflake!).

James White – James is one of Midlands Massive (Warlords of Walsall) and has been a staunch advocate of the game since MK1 (he has stuck with trolls all the way through – what more proof do you need!)


Richard Beech – Richard has just returned from representing England at the WTC where his Tea Making skills were cited to be his most valuable contribution to the team (read into that what you will).

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