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The Qualifiers

The road to the national finals starts here! 

The event dates are still being firmed up however we wanted to start sharing information on the schedule asap so keep an eye on this page and the social media accounts as well. 

If in doubt, or if you are in a region and want to get involved, contact us on Facebook or speak to one of the local TOs.

Links to the events will be via our facebook (due to the limitations of the site)

There are 2 event types – Designated events and wildcard events.

Designated events – The winner or highest X-1 (in the case of the winner already being qualified) will go straight to the finals in November (date TBC).

Wildcards – In the event the winner of a designated event winner can not attend or nobody eligible qualified a random person will be selected from the wildcard list.

Date of Event YYYY-MM-DDName of EventTOLocationQualified Player
2019-01-12Pit Fight at the PierMatt HarrisSouthportPaul Sheard
2019-02-09Furious FebruaryAlan GibbStirlingBilly Cruickshanks
2019-03-17Sherwood SR - Pod ASimon RobinsonWorksopChristopher Clare
2019-03-17Sherwood SR - Pod BSimon RobinsonWorksopMark David
2019-03-23Cross Gaming SRNorbert BrunhuberLondonBen Hampshire
2019-05-04Firestorm Swindon SRJames SnodgrassSwindonTerry Slade
2019-05-05Nerd Shak SRAndrew HowarthWiganMicheal Howarth
2019-05-11Warmup to the WelshWill AllenSwanseaAlun Barfoot
2019-06-22Wayland Games SRDavid RickettsEssexAdam Williams
2019-06-29Irish GauntletGerry NolanDublinCathal Mac Reamoin
2019-06-30Dice Saloon SRAndy ComptonBrightonEvan Hurwitz
2019-07-14Gamersworld SRGerry NolanDublinPat Dunford
2019-07-14Powerfist SRChris DakerStaffordDaniel Bearup
2019-07-21Sherwood Summer SR - Pod ASimon RobinsonWorksopBrett Wilkie
2019-07-21Sherwood Summer SR - Pod BSimon RobinsonWorksopDaniel Jones
2019-07-21Sherwood Summer SR - Pod CSimon RobinsonWorksopMatthew Goligher
2019-07-27Warlords of Warsall UKISS QualifierJacob GrahamWalsallJacob Graham
2019-07-27July JamboreeFrazer PenmanStirlingAllan Gibb
2019-08-03Scottish MastersAlan GibbStirlingCole Westbrook
2019-08-11UKISS Qualifier North EssexTom BellColchesterDaniel Harwood
2019/08/17B&O Warm UpStefan AshwellLeicesterHamish Walker
2019-08-17UKISS Qualifier 1Terry SladeCardiffWill Allen
2019/08/24WGS UKISS QualifierChris YoungWirralWildcard
2019-08-25Patriot Games LeedsPatriot GamesLeedsWildcard
2019-08-31Wayland Games SR 2David RickettsEssexRyan Willmott
2019-09-01UKISS Qualifier LondonDelano HingStratfordDean Boothe
2019/09/08York UKISS QualifierJohn SwiersYorkTBC
2019-09-14UKISS Qualifier 2Terry SladeCardiffMaxwell Cook
TBCTBCRyan EvansBristolTBC
TBCTBCAlan GibbStirlingTBC


Name of eventDate of EventWildcard SpotAlready Designated
Stirling SR2019-01-29Billy Cruikshank'sYes
Soutport SR2019-04-06Jim GradwellNo
Bristol Team Tournement2019-04-06Mark DavidYes
Bristol Team Tournement2019-04-06James SaltNo
Bristol Team Tournement2019-04-06James SykesNo
Bristol Team Tournement2019-04-06Ben HampshireYes
Bristol Team Tournement2019-04-06Ryan LongthorneNo
Powerfist Gaming Summer Slam2019-07-07Rob McCormickNo
South Coast Steamroller - Entoyment Games2019-07-28Steve PhillimoreNo
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