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The Qualifiers

The road to the national finals starts here! Details are being published on how each region is running it’s qualifiers – regions are running qualifiers into either a regional final to feed into the National Final or direct to the National Final. Check the schedule below to see what is going on in your region.

Overall the response from local TOs has been amazing – the community behind this game is awesome and we are really thankful to all the people getting behind this.

The event dates are still being firmed up however we wanted to start sharing information on the schedule asap so keep an eye on this page and the social media accounts as well. If in doubt, or if you are in a region and want to get involved, contact us on Facebook or speak to one of the local TOs.

SRs and events will be running across the UK that feed into regional finals. The winners of the regional finals will be representing their region at the national final next November.

We will be posting any qualifiers happening in the next couple of weeks up on social media so you will know well in advance when events are happening

RegionLocationEventDateQualifies toSpaces
WalesFirestorm GamesWinter Cup2017/11/25 National Final1
WalesFirestorm GamesWelsh Masters2018/05/18-19National Final1
WalesFirestorm GamesSS Qualifier 32018/04/21Regional Final4
WalesFirestorm GamesSS Qualifier 22018/03/31Regional Final4
WalesFirestorm GamesSS Qualifier 1 2018/01/27Regional Final4
WalesFirestorm GamesSS Final2018/06/02National Final2
South WestBIGSeries SRTBCRegional Final4
South WestBIGSeries FinalTBCNational Final3
South WestBIGSeries SR2018/01/13Regional Final4
South WestTBCCornish InvasionTBCRegional Final4
South WestBIGSeries SRTBCRegional Final4
South EastTBCRegional SRTBCNational Final 1
South EastColchester - 4TK GamingRegional SR2018/02/03National Final1
South EastTBCRegional SRTBCNational Final1
ScotlandCommon Ground GamesSummer Slam2018/06/16National Final2
North WestWargame StoreRegional SR2018/07/28Regional Final2
North WestNerd ShakRegional SR2018/05/06Regional Final2
North WestWargames SouthportRegional SR2018/06/03Regional Final2
North WestWargame StoreRegional SR2018/01/20Regional Final2
North WestCACK Chorley - PrestonRegional SR2018/06/30Regional Final2
North WestWargames SouthportRegional Final2018/08/11National Final4
North WestNerd ShakRegional SR2018/06/10Regional Final2
North WestHarlequins - PrestonRegional SR2018/03/17Regional Final2
North WestWargames SouthportRegional SR2018/02/03Regional Final2
North EastYorkRegional SR2018/06/10Regional Final4
North EastTBCTBCTBCNational Final4
North EastOutpostRegional SR2018/02/24Regional Final4
North EastPatriot Games - LeedsSuper Series Leeds Qualifier - Patriot Games Leeds2017/12/10Regional Final4
North EastHuddersfieldSuper Series Huddersfield Qualifier2018/01/14Regional Final4
MidlandsPower Fist - StaffordRegional SR2018/01/07Regional Final4
MidlandsLeicester PhatcatsRegional SR2018/04/22Regional Final4
MidlandsWalsall QualifierRegional SR2018/04/21Regional Final4
MidlandsPower Fist - StaffordRegional Final2018/08/12National Final4
MidlandsNorthamptonRegional SR2018/02/12Regional Final4
LondonRegional FinalTBC2018/09National Final4
LondonCross GamingLondon SS2018/03/17Regional Final4
LondonCross GamingLondon SS2018/01/13Regional Final4
LondonCross GamingLondon SS2017/10/28Regional Final4
LondonDice Saloon – BrightonBrighton Qualifier2018/07/08Regional Final4
Ireland & Northern IrelandTBCTBCNational Final4
Ireland & Northern IrelandMalahide, DublinIrish GauntletAug 4-5thRegional Final1
Ireland & Northern IrelandVarious - SeriesAll IrelandJan-JulyRegional Final1
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