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When we started talking about the event, the number of people who said they would help out was massive. In addition to the below we have had a fantastic response from all the local TOs and supporters who help make the WMH community what it is. We are massively proud to be working with such a great community; without further ado let us introduce…..


The Muscle – Regional Coordinators and TOs

All competitions start with competitors – and someone has to get these events up and running. Enter the coordinators and TOs up and down the country working to get tournaments setup and players to the table! These guys are invaluable to the community – we all know and love them.


These Guys have been driving the community in Ireland for years – both competing nationally and internationally and awesome guys to share a drink with!

Anthony O’Reilly & Charlie Healy

terry slade


Terry has been instrumental around the Welsh scene. A WTC player, event organiser and TO – the Welsh boys are in safe hands!

Terry “Rhys” Slade


These guys have carried the flag for Scotland through its darkest times and now are growing the next raft of players as well as welcoming back some of the old guard.

Frazer Penman & John Martin


South West

Ryan is a seasoned veteran of the Super Series format, running a very successful series out of the Bristol Hub. Another WTC player and national champion in our ranks!

Ryan Evans


Another hub of the community, London plays home to the likes of Dr Norbert and the mighty Pat D, and has run a very successful Super Series in previous years. The man behind it? None other than:

Toby Nathan

South East

A tough area to pull together (it’s pretty big and pretty flat!). However we have found just the guy to help pull together the South East. Paul has been in the community for years and has just burst on to the WTC Lions team this year – a fierce competitor and community champion locally:

Paul Watson


The Midlands meta is going from strength to strength with a lot of the rising stars consistently placing at tournaments and team events. With some of the most well-known clubs in the area we have found 2 of the local community champions to get this off the ground in the region:

James White & Rob McCormick


North East

Mark David – A huge area to cover and traditionally one of the strongest player bases in the UK. The NE is home to (in no particular order!) Epic Flail, Sheffield Honour Guard and Leeds Gaming to name but a few. Mark has played in all of these regions and as a self-confessed Warmachine pilgram we thought he would be ideal to coordinate.

Nick Pound – A seasoned TO and volounteer. You may recognise Nick from SmogCon (someone has to set the tables up at 2am in the morning!), any SRs in Leeds and some of the charity drives held at travelling man. Leeds is in safe hands.

Chris Murdoch – Part of the UKI WMH Furniture – Chris has been a player, TO, WTC member, Judge and runs a store to boot. You can usually find him at The Outpost in Sheffield teaching people the ways of the game. Or playing with swords.

Nathan Townend
– Nathan enjoys walks in the country, co-ordinating warmachine events and shanking fools in the face. When he is not cashing cheques and taking names, Nathan runs SRs in the Huddersfield area, drawing sharks from all the land.

Gavin Beckitt – Taking on the mantle of the York area, Gavin runs some of the toughest games in town drawing some of the UKs house hold names in warmachine to the York scene.

North West

Chris Young & Richard Beech.  The North West is home to some of of the UKs biggest events, and it’s no surprise to see a thriving community pop up spanning from North Wales, to Manchester and up to Preston. We picked a spot in the middle of all the clubs and ended up with these two.

Adam Cort – Adam is know for his cheery demeanour, eloquent command of the Queens’ English, and exceptional use of sarcasm. Adam is a competitive player, pressganger and TO who has been involved with both local and national events

Matt Harris – Between bamboozling people with grumpykin and goading locals to play new factions, Matt runs SRs out of Wargames in Southport. A great addition to the North West area, Matt is helping the newly developing meta grow between Preston, Southport and the Wirral.


If you are running tournaments in one of the regions and want to get involved then let us know! We have a schedule with SRs that will be updated as dates and venues confirm over the next year.

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