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National Finals – Qualified Players:

We will update here with the players who have fought their way to the final national event with the armies they used.

Player Spot:Region:Event Qualified At:Player Name:
1WalesWinter CupRyan Evans
3WalesWelsh MastersWill Allen
4WalesWelsh RegionalSam Derbyshire
5WalesWelsh RegionalAdam Williams
17South EastTBCAaron Godfery
2South East4TK Gaming Feb QualifierDave Margetson
16South EastAlpha GamesPaul Watson
7ScotlandCommon Ground GamesAndrew Murchie
6ScotlandCommon Ground GamesBilly Cruikshanks
8North WestNW Regional FinalDan Price
10North WestNW Regional FinalJim Gradwell
11North WestNW Regional FinalRyan Longthorne
9North WestNW Regional FinalJames White
12MidlandsMidlands Regional FinalBen Hampshire
13MidlandsMidlands Regional FinalRobert McCormick
14MidlandsMidlands Regional FinalChris Clare
15MidlandsMidlands Regional FinalChris Daker
18LondonLondon Regional FinalPat Dunford
19LondonLondon Regional FinalDelano Hing
20LondonLondon Regional FinalDean Booth
21LondonLondon Regional FinalMichael DIck
22North EastNorth East FinalMatt Goligher
23North EastNorth East FinalPaul North
24North EastNorth East FinalBrett Wilkie
25North EastNorth East FinalJamie Cooke-Rogers
26South WestSouth West FinalTBC
27South WestSouth West FinalTBC
28South WestSouth West FinalTBC
29Ireland & Northern IrelandIreland & Northern Ireland FinalTBC
30Ireland & Northern IrelandIreland & Northern Ireland FinalTBC
31Ireland & Northern IrelandIreland & Northern Ireland FinalTBC
32Ireland & Northern IrelandIreland & Northern Ireland FinalTBC
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