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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some really strong players in our meta – what happens if they win a regional qualifier more than once?

The Super Series will operate a trickle down system – if at a regional qualifier players have already qualified, the regional final seat will pass down to the next player that has not qualified. E.G player A and B play at a local regional qualifier and win seats in the regional final – at the next event player B comes 2nd – in this case 1st and 3rd would qualify for the regional final as 2nd (B) already has a seat.

Will each region have a reserve? What happens if someone can’t make the final?

Each region will nominate reserves. In the case of a regional final the top 4 have seats and places 5/6 will be the 1st/2nd reserves. If a region is not running finalists then the regional co-ordinator will nominate a reserve (recommended to be the player that has best performed over all qualifier events)

What format is the final?

The final will be a 32 player tournaments using either the masters or SR rules pack. It will be 2 list D&C 0. Painting is recommended however not mandatory (arcs must be marked). We are streaming the final so want it to look awesome?

When is the final?

The final will be held on the 17th-18th of November 2018.

Do I have to use the same lists as I qualified?

No – you can choose your lists/faction for the final regardless of what you qualified with?

Will there be a list submission date?

We are working with the conflict chamber to setup list submissions ahead of the event. This will be 2 weeks before the final and lists will be published ahead of the event.

What happens if there is a major change to the rules (CID/SR/Rules)?

We want the event to showcase the best of UK talent and we appreciate that this skill takes time/practice/refinement! If there are any changes that will have a materially affect the event (such as a CID release with model adjustments close to the final) we will review the impact and let players know if it will be adopted for the tournament. Overall we want the results to be decided on the table, not by rules changes.

Will it be streamed/recorded?

Yes we will be setting up streams for the event. So far we have streams/recordings being run by – Team Inverted/Powerfist Gaming/ Warlords of Walsall and Leicester Phat Cats/Bleeped up Productions.


Will it be an IG Qualifier?

We are looking into this!

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