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The Voice – Comms and Social 

The WMH community is huge and ever expanding. These guys help us keep everyone in the know. Experts in social media, web, design and social media – enter the Voice:


Melissa Grimes – Mel is a seasoned social media user in the gaming industry. She has been a regular on twitch for overwatch, LOL and even had a stint mercing for raiding parties on WOW. Mel will be manning the helm of our social accounts to keep everyone up to date!


Tom Wiggins – Tom managed to capture gentleman Jack’s likeness to a tea in our logo! Tom is a freelance graphic designer doing awesome work for clubs and events around the North West. He will be helping out with graphics and design.


Charlie Healy – Charlie is a web genius – putting together websites for some of the largest UKI events including the Irish Gauntlet. He understands how to press words like they are going out of fashion.

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